I'm so glad you're here - take a look around and shoot me a message to chat more! 

 When I create an image of a couple in love, I hope to be creating a piece of art – a painting in light, love, and a forever relationship. 

- since 2007. 

I really truly love weddings, that should be clear. But even more, I love couples and hearing their stories and getting to share in the sweetness of their wedding day. I've been photographing weddings for 10 years - I started at 19 and I do not miss being asked how old I am ;) - and really it's still new every week to me. Every love story is beautiful and I aim to put my 100% into capturing it in all of it's realness and honesty. I'm laid back, laugh easily and use lots of exclamation points and smiley faces in communications! I definitely don't want to just be another check off your wedding vendor to do list, I want to know about you guys and what makes you ...you! I love my clients and so many of my clients have become close friends :)  

My style is pretty much everything natural, woodsy, and floral. I LOVE the mountains - lakes, ferns, pines, oaks - the north woods and the Northwest - I'm an outdoorsy girl through and through and I definitely bring that love of nature to my photo shoots.

 I'm completely inspired by couples with a unique and creative vision for their wedding day; couples who are simply and madly in love and cannot wait to make their relationship a forever one. I believe that making weddings completely about you as a couple and what you love is important to the creative process. I'd be delighted to create beautiful,unique images for you and your beloved!