August 8, 2017

Travis & Morgan | wedding

Give me all the boho backyard weddings! This year we have had the most amazing weddings taking place in folks parent’s backyards – and I am absolutely loving it! I think Morgan’s parent’s backyard might be the most gorgeous backyard I have ever seen; though “backyard” might not be a worthy enough word – I would lean more towards “acres of verdant paradise situated behind a house.” All that was missing were some unicorns ambling about in the woods. The last weekend of July dawned crisp and glorious and stayed that way all day – truly a blessing when I’m sure all brides who plan outdoor weddings are sarcastically betting with friends about how hot its going to be. I was a July bride as well and was sure it would be 105 with 130% humidity. (we also had a lovely 80 degree day, maybe July is the secret new October!) And a sweeter couple can not be found – Morgan arranged to have Travis’ sweet old dog brought by which was enough to nearly make me cry because….old dogs. Can’t beat the sweetness. And the way Travis was looking at Morgan all day… just with all the love in the world <3 Morgan’s bouquets came from flowers grown in her parents backyard (and a few peaches too!) It doesn’t get much more personal than that.


Congrats you guys – we had a blast being a part of your day!!

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  1. Georgia Pflederer

    August 9th, 2017 at 1:59 am

    Oh my goodness! These pictures are breathtaking! Thank you Deidre for using your flair for photography to capture a very special day!