(I don't always wear long skirts I promise!...I just have very few pictures of myself) 

 really truly love weddings, that should be clear. But even more, I love couples and hearing their stories and getting to share in the sweetness of their wedding day. I've been photographing weddings for 11 years - I started at 19 and I do not miss being asked how old I am ;) - and really it's still new every week to me. Every love story is beautiful and I aim to put my 100% into capturing it in all of it's realness and honesty. I'm laid back, laugh easily and use lots of exclamation points and smiley faces in communications! I definitely don't want to just be another check off your wedding vendor to do list, I want to know about you guys and what makes you ...you! I love my clients and so many of my clients have become close friends :)

 When I create an image of a couple in love, I hope to be creating a piece of art - a painting in light, love, and a forever relationship. I want you to look at your pictures years from now and say YES. That is US. That's how he looks at me still and that's the way our hands fit perfectly together and there's that crazy hair that never quite stays in place...
My style is pretty much everything natural, woodsy, and floral. I LOVE the mountains - lakes, ferns, pines, oaks - the north woods and the Northwest - I'm an outdoorsy girl through and through and I definitely bring that love of nature to my photo shoots.

 I'm completely inspired by couples with a unique and creative vision for their wedding day; couples who are simply and madly in love and cannot wait to make their relationship a forever one. I believe that making weddings completely about you as a couple and what you love is important to the creative process. I'd be delighted to create beautiful,unique images for you and your beloved! 


My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
My Hubby
Our inquisitive preschool boy and precious baby girl
 Farmers markets
Messy wind blown hair
HUGE windows
 cats & dogs & horses & any animal 
 mossy woods 
hiking and all things outside

things i love the most...

 foggy mornings
popcorn (we eat it everyday...)
 Long Flowing dresses
 Oak & Pine trees
 unique Bouquets
 The color Mauve
 White walls
Nordic design
 books of all kinds

This wedding-loving little lady has been shooting with and for me for five years now.  I am so blessed to have her as part of my business and love when we shoot a wedding together, though often she's been snatched up  (yep! our business can often times take TWO weddings on a day, with Casey and myself each lead shooting a wedding) I do all of the editing work so everything is seamlessly "Deidre Lynn" in style.  She's all about the candid moments, has no problem getting up in the moment and capturing it up close and personal, and you'll often find her weeping openly during speeches and mother/son dances ;) Here's a few links to some of her work! 

Florida Wedding

Wildlife prairie park wedding

Meet my business partner!

three sisters park wedding

Armour House Wedding

Winter Engagement Session


When choosing your wedding photographer, I encourage you to consider your desired style. The reason I make this seemingly obvious suggestion is because there are a lot of people who can take a nice picture, but everyone has a different photography style. Deidre is the definition of my desired photography style. I would describe her photos as warm, authentic, romantic. She cares deeply about capturing the emotion between people, and I appreciate that we were able to focus a lot of time photographing my husband and I., and know that she is not going to miss a thing. She is also very attentive to give you back your images as quickly as possible. I could go on...she's just the very best.




Where to begin on such an amazing person and photographer! Deidre is the ultimate professional, yet makes you feel as if you have known her forever. She succeeded in making both me and my husband feel comfortable and excited about getting our pictures taken. The photographs are just incredible - you can't even tell it was the hottest, most humid day of the summer! We received our picture files within two weeks, and we couldn't be happier with the results!




Deidre and her team from Deidre Lynn Photography are by far the best!! I booked Deidre about a month after we got engaged not only because I LOVE her work, but also because she is one of the most thoughtful, kind, and genuine women I know. She met with me and my husband and I immediately knew it was a partnership I had to have. Her work is magical, dreamy, and a true piece of art. While you are sure to get your classic wedding photos you will also get photos that cannot be matched. They hang beautifully in our home and our album is priceless. I would recommend Deidre to anyone who is looking to work with an honest, kind, and talented photographer who will deliver amazing photos of you and your spouse!


. Weddings that take place in the great outdoors have my heart. In the mountains, by a stream, under a waterfall (or anywhere here in our beautiful Midwest as well!)...I love weddings & couples with a little adventurous side, whose main goal is getting married, not just having a wedding. We laugh alot along the way and have so much fun during our shoots. If that sounds like fun to you, let's talk!