This little sweet man was an angel the entire time – sleeping quietly and just waking long enough to show us his pretty peepers. Tis the season for newborns, and precious ones at that. So thankful to have been able to take these images for this darling little family!

I love watching couple’s whose weddings I photographed turn into little families with adorable children! It’s such a wonderful thing to witness and capture <3

I absolutely love photographing this darling family – they look like they just stepped right out of a Zara ad.  But more importantly, they’re just all sorts of kind and just love their babes so very much. Always an honor capturing your family 🙂

Sweet little family was blessed with the sweetest little girl!! She’ll be so loved by her two brothers 🙂

I love this set of images. It’s expected that newborn pictures be of an asleep baby, all folded up on a blanket…but sometimes babies just want to be held and cuddled and that is real life at its finest. Just seeing how he looked at his mama with so much love already – melts the […]

Precious baby girl number three in this sweet little family. I’ve been able to take all of these girls newborn pictures and  I can safely say that they were all just about the easiest sleepiest babies I’ve ever photographed. Maggie, you have two very wonderful sisters to show you the ropes 🙂