June 30, 2019

Jeff and Jessa’s Wedding

dress from Adore in Morton
bride and groom laying in a field
bride's dad walking her down the aisle at the Eureka Cannery
Groom seeing his bride for the first time
wedding ceremony at the eureka cannery
the getting ready suite at the Eureka cannery
moody shot of the bride and groom

Back in the day I used to love writing – and was fairly good at it! I feel like over the years my brain has broken and I’m absolutely terrible at putting into words what my heart feels 🙂 Suffice it to say, this wedding’s love and joy and happiness can’t be adequately described by a poor wordsmith like myself. Which is why I blogged almost 100 images 😉 

I dare you to find a couple happier on their wedding day than Jeff and Jessa. There was a whole lot of love, laughter, Disney references, harmless storm clouds, pinky promises and all around FUN. 

Venue: The Cannery in Eureka 

Gown: Adore Bridal 

Coffee truck: The Spot


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